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Rowena’s 3 Kw Off-Grid Sustainable Solar System

rowena's 3 kw off-grid system

Rowena 3 kw Off-Grid Solar System We were approached by Rowena to install a solar power system to further their goals of being self-sustainable energy wise and reduce her dependence on Noreco. During the consultation we identified the size of the system she would require also that it would be necessary to have a battery […]

Phil’s 5 kw Grid Tie Solar System Installation

dumaguete solar system installation

5 Kw Grid-Tie Solar System Installation This client was looking for a solar system installation which would help save money on the energy needs of his beautiful 1,000 sqm new home , build by DPX Construction. We designed a 5 Kw Grid-Tie solar System (Net-Metering Compliant) giving a monthly return/saving of approx. Php 5,250 from your […]