Rowena 3 kw Off-Grid Solar System

We were approached by Rowena to install a solar power system to further their goals of being self-sustainable energy wise and reduce her dependence on Noreco. During the consultation we identified the size of the system she would require also that it would be necessary to have a battery system to meet here goals. We recommended, and she went ahead with a 3 kw off-grid system with 4 battery array for energy storage. After installation of this 3kw off-grid system, the client walked away satisfied and confident she made the right choice going with DPX Solar!

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3kw Off-Grid Solar System

Specifications and Performance Estimates
Installation Type Off-Grid
Purpose Self-Reliance and Reduce Bill
Solar Panels 9 x 325W Trina Polycrystalline Solar Panel
Solar Array Size 3 KW
Charge Controller / Inverter SOLIS POWER Sine Wave 500VDC 80A
Battery Bank 4 x Fullriver DC400-6 AGM Sealed 6V 415Ah
Battery Run Time @ 10KW/H 1. hours 10,000 / (415 x 6 x 8)
Average Solar Irradiance 4.3h / Day
Average Collection Capacity 14.4 KWH/Day (4,800 * 3)
Conversion Efficiency 75%
Usable Power 11.8 KWH/Day (14.4 x 0.75)
Grid Power Cost P15 / KWH
Potential Bill Reduction P4,941 / month (10.8 x 15 x 30.5)
Installation Cost 270,000
Return on Investment 54 Months (5 1/2 years) (270,000 /4,941)
Life Expectancy 20 Years
Lifetime Savings (at current rates) P1,185,000 (4941 x 12 x 20)

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