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Why I Am Going Solar

sta rosario home solar project

As a stakeholder in Dumaguete City’s premier solar Company, DPX Solar, one would naturally assume that I myself was the first one to take advantage of the services our company had to offer. To be perfectly honest though, I have not always been sold on the benefits of solar power, and strictly got into the business to make money. Many of our home construction clients at Dumaguete PhilX Condev, were asking for recommendations on a reputable solar company locally and when were offered the opportunity to buy out an existing solar company, and it seemed to be a good way to expand our services, and of course our profitability. We always aimed to be a one stop shop for all home construction services and solar certainly seemed to be an up and coming market with loads of potential for future expansion.

Again, to be brutally honest, when we first started I knew very little about Solar power and thankfully was lucky that the company we bought out was staffed by extremely knowledgeable and capable staff. Brixton Alzubi, an electrical engineer who had been with the company for several years decided to give working with us a chance and he was basically given a free hand to develop the solar division of DPX Construction with only one key goal. Become Dumaguete’s most reputable Solar Company.

As the company has grown, I have slowly learned more and more about the benefits of solar power from the clients we have worked for. Doing follow-ups with those clients over the past 2 years, I have consistently heard the same things over and over. The money saved on monthly electricity bills was substantial, and gone were the times when unscheduled power outages ruined our clients days.

Last year my wife Shirley and I bought a house in a local community, Sta Rosario Heights and undertook a major renovation. We ended up with a modern style home with over 300sqm of floor space, and all the electrical appliances to make our life comfortable. this included 4 split type inverter air conditioners, a large refrigerator, electric range, built in oven, 2 showers with water heaters, a pump driven water pressure system and to top it all off, a 2 person Jacuzzi style bath tub.

The first problem I had was the bathtub. To fill the tub up each night after a workout , for a soak in steaming hot water, not only was the standard electrical on demand water heater not able to keep up, I imagined it would have cost me a fortune. That when Brixton suggested a solar hot water heater as a viable alternative. I gave the go ahead , and was blown away by the results. The water was so hot, that unless I mixed it with 75 percent cold, I would have scalded my skin off my body.

Now after living here for a year and a half and seen my bills skyrocket up to 7 or 8,000 pesos a month from Noreco, and hearing nothing except positive results from our clients, I myself have made the decision to go solar. My main priority is to reduce my power bill by about half, but figure that if I am going to go solar, I might as well get some backup storage capacity so that when we get the odd brownouts, life will not come to a stop .

Over the next few weeks, Brixton will be providing me with some options to attain these goals, and as we move forward with the solar project, we will post some updates here.

If you need any help in deciding whether solar is right for you, please contact us