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How Does a Grid Tie Inverter Function?

Grid Tie Inverter

How Does a Grid Inverter Work ?

When the Grid Tie Inverter senses the grid frequency (e.g.from NORECO II), the Grid Tie Inverter will match the grid phase and maintain a slightly higher output to assure that the load of your house will be fed from the solar power system first.

If the load requirement from your home is greater than your solar panels generation capacity, the grid will seamlessly provide the additional current to cover your load.
If however your solar panels generate more power than the load requirement of your home, the excess power will be fed back to the grid and cause your power meter disk to reverse in direction. Applying for a Net-Metering Program will allow you to take a credit from the excess energy you export to the grid to be deducted from your monthly electricity bill.

To summarize, the Grid Tie System uses the grid power as the virtual battery – seamless switching between importing power from the grid and exporting power to the grid as your power usage requirements fluctuate beyond the limits of your power generation capacity.

More Questions on Grid Tie Inverters?

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