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Mr. Lee’s 2 Kw Off Grid Helpful Solar Installation

solar installation

This client was another person who wanted completely off-grid and we did a solar installation for him that was  2.04 Kw Generating, about 9.0kwh/day. This system Consists of 2.0 Offgrid Heavy Duty inverter and 3 panels 340w Polycrystalline and 2 pieces Solar deep-cycle battery. For any of your solar needs, please visit our contact us […]

Krean’s 1 kw Off-Grid Solar System

off-grid solar system

1 Kw Off-Grid Solar System Krean needed a system which was not connected to the grid and could help out with some modest power generation needs.The  system designed and installed for consists of 3  340 kw Poly-crystalline solar panels generating 1 kw and used through a off grid string inverter. This low cost basic system […]

Michael’s 1.6 kw Grid-Tie Solar Project

michael's solar project

3kw Solar Project This client was strictly interest in cost savings so we designed this system to tie to the local utility which would not only cut down on his enrgy usage, but earn him a credit on his utility bill when he is generating more power than he is using. This1.62Kw Grid-Tie System (Net-Metering […]