3kw Solar Project

This client was strictly interest in cost savings so we designed this system to tie to the local utility which would not only cut down on his enrgy usage, but earn him a credit on his utility bill when he is generating more power than he is using.
This1.62Kw Grid-Tie System (Net-Metering Compliant) giving a monthly return/saving of approx. Php1,600 from your existing electric bill. (Based on monthly average over the period of a year).
This system Consists of 1.5 Solis inverter and 5 panels 325w Monocrystalline


1.6 kw Grid Tie Solar Project Specifications and Performance Estimates
Installation Type Grid Tie
Purpose Social Responsibility / Power Redundancy / Reduce Bill
Solar Panels 5 x 325W JA Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Solar Array Size 1.62 KW
Charge Controller / Inverter SOLIS POWER Sine Wave 500VDC 80A
Inverter Type String Inverter- 2MPPT
Conversion Efficiency 85%
Usable Power 6.48 KWH/Day (1.5×4)
Grid Power Cost P10 / KWH
Potential Bill Reduction P1,750 / month (6.48 x 10 x 30)
Installation Cost P140,000
Return on Investment 80 Months (6.6 years) (140,000 / 1,750)
Life Expectancy 20 Years
Lifetime Savings (at current rates) P525,000 (1,750 x 12 x 25) – P140,000 =P385,000


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