3 kW Grid-Tie Solar System

A 3 Kw Grid-Tie System (Net-Metering Compliant) giving a monthly return/saving of
approx. Php 3,564 from your existing electric bill. (Based on monthly average over the
period of a year).
This System Consists of a 3.0 Solis inverter and 7 panels of 450w Monocrystalline. JA

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3Kw Grid-Tie Solar System Details

Specifications and Performance Estimates
Installation Type 3 KW Grid -Tie Hybrid
Purpose Social Responsibility / Power Redundancy / Reduce Bill
Solar Panels 7 x 450W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Solar Array Size 3 KW
Charge Controller / Inverter SOLIS POWER Sine Wave 500VDC 80A
Inverter Type String Inverter- 2MPPT
Average Solar Irradiance 4.3h / Day
Conversion Efficiency 75%
Usable Power 10.8 KWH/Day (13.5 x 0.8)
Grid Power Cost P11 / KWH
Potential Bill Reduction P3,564 / month (10.8 x 10 x 30)
Installation Cost P320,000
Return on Investment 64 Months (5.80 years) (229,000 / 3,564)
Life Expectancy 20 Years
Lifetime Savings (at current rates) P749,200 (3,564 x 12 x 25) – 320,000 = P1,069,200

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