Maurice’s 5 kw Hybrid Solar System

This client wanted a hybrid solar system that would supply him with contineuos power so we designed and installed a 5.1kw hybrid Solar System which combines solar system, AC utility, and battery power source
This system Consists of 5kw Solax Hybrid Inverter, 4 pcs Solar deep-cycle battery and 14 Panels 340w Monocrystalline

5 kw Hybrid Solar System Specifications

Specifications and Performance Estimates
Installation Type hybrid Solar System
Purpose Social Responsibility / Power Redundancy / Reduce Bill/Back up against brown outs
Solar Panels 16 x 340W JA Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Solar Array Size 4.67 KW
Charge Controller / Inverter Solax Sine Wave 500VDC 80A
Inverter Type String Inverter- 2MPPT
Conversion Efficiency 75%
Usable Power 16.4 KWH/Day
Grid Power Cost P10 / KWH
Potential Bill Reduction P4,920 / month (16.4 x 10 x 30)
Installation Cost P460,000

5 kw Hybrid Solar System Gallery

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