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Elma’s 1 kw Convenient Solar Off-Grid System

solar off-grid system

This client needed a solar off-grid system so that she did not need to be relying on Noreco. We designed a nice little system to help her achieve her goals and we can help you too if you visit our contact page to give us an outline of your solar needs 1.02 Kw Solar Off-Grid […]

Marcelo’s Efficient 1.5 Kw Solar Grid-tie system

solar grid-tie system

Marcelo wanted a system that would provide him with an efficient way to save money on his electricity bills, so we designed for him a solar grid-tie system that would do just that. Using  poly-crystalline panels and “Solis” inverter we achieved his goals at a very affordable cost and now all is left is to […]

Krean’s 1 kw Off-Grid Solar System

off-grid solar system

1 Kw Off-Grid Solar System Krean needed a system which was not connected to the grid and could help out with some modest power generation needs.The  system designed and installed for consists of 3  340 kw Poly-crystalline solar panels generating 1 kw and used through a off grid string inverter. This low cost basic system […]

Margriet’s 6 Kw Hybrid Solar System

margriet's hybrid solar system

6 Kw Hybrid Solar System This client wanted savings from reduced Noreco power usage as well as back up in case of brown-outs . We dsigned and installed a 6.4 kw hybrid Solar System which combines solar system, AC utility, and battery power source to supply continuous power. With the function of AEA (automatic energy […]

John’s 3 Kw Grid Tie Solar System

grid tie solar system by dpx solar

3.15 Kw Grid Tie Solar System sign up for the PhilX Group Monthly Newsletter John wanted savings on his power bill so we suggested a 3.15 Kw Grid Tie System (Net-Metering Compliant) giving a monthly return/saving of approx. Php 3,250 from your existing electric bill. (Based on monthly average over the period of a year). […]

Maricor’s 3 KW Grid Tie System

maricor 3 kw grid tie system

This client main concern was receiving a return on her investment and the best way was to use a grid-tie system that would feed power back to to the Noreco when there was an excess generated by her solar system. Noreco would then credit her electricity consumtion bill .