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30 Kw Grid-Tie Solar System for Maximum Cost Savings

grid-tie solar system

30 Kw Grid-Tie Solar System We were approached by this commercial client to install a solar power system to further their goals of being self-sustainable energy wise, save money, and reduce his dependence on Noreco. During the consultation we took into consideration the size of the system would have to accommodate his multi-unit rental complex […]

Marcelo’s Efficient 1.5 Kw Solar Grid-tie system

solar grid-tie system

Marcelo wanted a system that would provide him with an efficient way to save money on his electricity bills, so we designed for him a solar grid-tie system that would do just that. Using  poly-crystalline panels and “Solis” inverter we achieved his goals at a very affordable cost and now all is left is to […]

Raynald’s 4 Kw Off-Grid Solar System

off grid solar

3.0 kw Off-Grid Solar System Raynald wanted a system that was totally independent of the Noreco  system so we designed A 4.0kw Off-grid Solar System which is a stand-alone power system (SAPS).It works by generating electricity from solar panels and using it to charge a solar battery via a charger controller. That electricity is then converted […]

Jeff’s 3 Kw Hybrid Solar System

3 kw hybrid solar system

3 Kw Hybrid Solar System Jeff wanted a system that could supply continuous power so we needed sufficient generating capacity together with the benefits of power redundancy achieved with a battery backup when there were brownouts. We used 9  340 kw Poly-crystalline  panels generating  3 kw, combined with an infinSolar Hybrid Inverter and 4 deep-cycle […]

Krean’s 1 kw Off-Grid Solar System

off-grid solar system

1 Kw Off-Grid Solar System Krean needed a system which was not connected to the grid and could help out with some modest power generation needs.The  system designed and installed for consists of 3  340 kw Poly-crystalline solar panels generating 1 kw and used through a off grid string inverter. This low cost basic system […]

Margriet’s 6 Kw Hybrid Solar System

margriet's hybrid solar system

6 Kw Hybrid Solar System This client wanted savings from reduced Noreco power usage as well as back up in case of brown-outs . We dsigned and installed a 6.4 kw hybrid Solar System which combines solar system, AC utility, and battery power source to supply continuous power. With the function of AEA (automatic energy […]

Maricor’s 3 KW Grid Tie System

maricor 3 kw grid tie system

This client main concern was receiving a return on her investment and the best way was to use a grid-tie system that would feed power back to to the Noreco when there was an excess generated by her solar system. Noreco would then credit her electricity consumtion bill .