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Mr. Lee’s 2 Kw Off Grid Helpful Solar Installation

solar installation

This client was another person who wanted completely off-grid and we did a solar installation for him that was  2.04 Kw Generating, about 9.0kwh/day. This system Consists of 2.0 Offgrid Heavy Duty inverter and 3 panels 340w Polycrystalline and 2 pieces Solar deep-cycle battery. For any of your solar needs, please visit our contact us […]

Elma’s 1 kw Convenient Solar Off-Grid System

solar off-grid system

This client needed a solar off-grid system so that she did not need to be relying on Noreco. We designed a nice little system to help her achieve her goals and we can help you too if you visit our contact page to give us an outline of your solar needs 1.02 Kw Solar Off-Grid […]